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Leslie Maynard

Leslie Maynard, APRN.  Leslie is an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse, Board certified in family mental-health psychiatric nursing. She is an Eastern Kentucky University graduate with a Bachelor Degree of Science in nursing and an University of South Alabama graduate with a Masters of Science in Nursing. Leslie has been practicing psychiatric nursing for fifteen years in inpatient and outpatient settings in Central Kentucky. 

Leslie has experience in treating individuals age 6 and up with a variety of mental problems. She enjoys working together with adults and children who are struggling with adjusting to life changes, anxiety, and mood problems, as well as, children who are struggling academically or socially due to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or school anxiety.

Leslie's primary role at Access Wellness Group is medication management. However, research shows, in most cases, mental health problems are most effectively treated with a combination of medication and therapy; if Individual or Family Therapy could be beneficial for you, she can help connect you with a therapist. Leslie believes that you know you best. She believes that listening to your concerns, providing and explaining evidenced-based recommendations, allowing you to choose which direction you are most comfortable with, and supporting you in that decision will help build a solid, therapeutic relationship and increase the progress you make toward your treatment goals. 

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