Access Wellness Group is a Lexington-based team of very experienced and highly respected professionals who provide expert, compassionate mental health and substance abuse treatment services both to individual clients and to Employee Assistance Program (EAP) client companies in Kentucky.

We carefully selected our name to be not only an identifier but a description of our mission.

It is our goal that clients have reasonable and ready access to services they need to improve their emotional and mental health. Whether it is the corporate client (employer) seeking workplace solutions or the individual
client who is seeking help in dealing with life issues, we want all our clients to have access to resources they need. And we want that access to be available in an environment that is professional, supportive, compassionate and collaborative.

By working in a collaborative role with our clients, we believe we can help them achieve a healthier approach to the “problems of daily living” or other issues they are experiencing. We ask clients to participate actively in their own treatment and recovery goals. We incorporate a wide variety of therapeutic approaches in addressing their needs, all of which are focused on helping each of our clients achieve greater wellness.

Our staff consists of a seasoned group of mental health clinicians, human resources and training professionals, and a strong support staff. This group works collaboratively, always keeping in the forefront how to effectively assess and address the needs of the client. This group focuses years of experience toward the goal of helping clients get the best possible treatment outcomes.

Our Services

AWG provides Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services to businesses in Kentucky. Through this employer-provided benefit, employees are able to access the help they need in dealing with life issues that may be affecting their work behavior and productivity. Employers as clients are able to access worksite interventions, training, mediation, crisis management and other services that provide workplace solutions for today’s business needs.
We provide mental health and substance abuse treatment services not only to contracted EAP companies, but also to individuals in the community who need and seek individual help through counseling, treatment, and/or participation in recovery groups. Many clients benefit from assessment and treatment by AWG’s Advanced Practice Registered Nurses who are able to prescribe appropriate medication in many
cases. (AWG does accept most medical insurance co-pays as well as private-pay clients.)

For additional information, you may contact us directly by calling (859)309-0309 or toll free at (877)834-7836 or on line at