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Linda McGinnis
Director of EAP, CEO

Linda S. McGinnis, LCSW.   A business background coupled with two graduate degrees affords Linda a unique combination of skill sets to bring to the profession of clinical social work. The majority of her professional years to date have been spent owning and managing a successful business. In 2004, she sold her company and re-located to Northampton, Massachusetts in order to pursue her MSW from Smith College. Following this, which included two clinical internships, one in Danbury Connecticut and the second in Cincinnati, Ohio, she moved back to her home state and began practicing in Lexington in 2008.

Linda’s therapeutic approach is psychodynamic-based and is effective and adaptable to both short-term and long-term therapy. Her experience enables her to work with a broad range of issues and disorders within the adult population. She is qualified in helping clients manage stressors and conflicts within the workplace as well as helping them address more personal issues related to family and loved ones. Some of these may include depression, anxiety, grief and loss, bipolar disorder, marital and partner relationships, substance abuse and/or addiction. In addition, she works with many adult children who were raised in homes where addiction was present.

Many people experience emotional or psychological discomfort from time to time. Their feelings may be associated with a condition or conditions that they have struggled with for years – or they may be associated with a specific situation or trauma. Regardless of their origin, however, Linda believes that when one’s thoughts, feelings and/or behaviors interfere with our quality of life, therapy can help.

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